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Finishing Layer

It is in this very stage that our objects gain their final color and shape
Work only on the lightest highlight areas
Now we can observe a miracle that amazes us in the museum: an optical mix of colors due to the translucency of the layers. At this stage your picture has just been born, and during all your lifetime it will be getting more and moire beautiful, because all paints have the property of getting more and more transparent as time passes.


So much for art. How about the artist?

I was born in Russia in 1957, and I've been trying both hands (I'm ambidextrous) at art ever since. I can remember my self from the age of two, and when I was three, I was the terror of my mother's make-up kit, as I loved to draw murals on the wallpaper with her lipstick. All through my childhood I continued drawing, (more...)

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