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     It is impossible to teach painting, but it is possible to learn to paint.


      I am not a teacher, but I love sharing my knowledge.

      Dear friends, I offer you an opportunity to come to my workshop, or a master class, or just to work together. It is not going to be a workshop in the traditional sense. I will not give you any syllabus, lesson plans, or promises that after the workshop you will become a famous artists. But I do promise that I will tell and show you everything that I learned myself.

      I will tell you how I studied and offer you the same method, and perhaps, a better method. The master class will be held in my home studio, and the number of students will be limited, but, if necessary, we may increase the number of meetings.

      We will start at 10 a.m. and work until 5 p.m. or even more.

      Each session will consist of two parts: in the first (or it may be the second), I will be working on my painting (I always have a number of paintings at different stages in my studio), and you will be observing, making notes, taking pictures, while I will be explaining what I am doing. You will be asking questions, and I will be answering them.

      The second part (or it may be the first) is when you will be working on your projects that you started at home or here, and I will be helping you with practical advice or my own work. These two types of activities may take place simultaneously.

      We will make still life compositions setups both for your future paintings and for our work in the studio, so please bring your digital camera and maybe even your favorite objects that you would like to see in your future still lifes.

      We will prime canvases, transfer drawings, choose imprimaturas, make grey mixtures, etc., and all that will be done on an individual basis and will depend on your needs and artistic professionalism. In addition to still life, we can work on the portrait and, perhaps, landscape. You can bring your own completed or unfinished paintings for discussion.

      Obviously, it would be good if you had some basic artistic training, that is if you knew which end of the brush goes into paint and which end of the pencil to sharpen. It is also important to know what paints (for example, cadmiums) are bad for your liver if you swallow them.

      Seriously though, it would be good if you watch some of my video workshops or read my e-book before you take my master class. A 1st workshop (Country Pitcher) would be better to start with. Please indicate in the application form which of my workshops you are familiar with. Application form is the place where PayPal is sending you after receiving your payment. It is actually the place where you will reserve your seat (So it does will be more logical if you feel out the form after the payment was made).


Master Class Location:

    Alexei Antonov home studio in Mukileto, WA

          Bring your favorite brushes, palettes, and other things, and if you forget something, you will be able to use mine free of charge. Here is what you should bring with you:

  • flake white
  • flake yellow (cadmium yellow deep)
  • yellow ochre, red ochre (English red)
  • burnt umber
  • ivory black
  • prussian blue
  • chinese vermilion (cadmium red),
  • madder lake deep

Round kolinsky sable brushes: #1, #3, #6;

Squirrel brushes: #3, #6, #15 (for blending);

Palette (dark wood is preferred)

          After you have made a decision and made your payment, you will be taken to another page with a workshop questionnaire (application form). Then you will receive all contact and lodging information.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided daily.

You can also make you own search to find place to stay close to the area code 98275.

      Cancellations by the student: we cannot guarantee the return of your $150.00 deposit unless you want to reschedule your participation in the workshop or unless another student takes your place. We reserve the right to cancel any workshop at any given time with full refund of your payment.

So please choose your payment:

  • Deposit of $150.00
  • Full payment of $ 750.00


If you have questions please click here.


      For centuries the best way to learn was to observe a master work standing behind his back. The student would help the master in routine work, such as priming the canvas, and preparing paints. Having absorbed the teacher’s ideas and having learned the basics, the student would be allowed to work on the master’s painting. When the students help the master to work on a painting, the learning process reaches the maximum level of concentration and responsibility, and the result improves correspondingly.




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I was born in Russia in 1957, and I've been trying both hands (I'm ambidextrous) at art ever since. I can remember my self from the age of two, and when I was three, I was the terror of my mother's make-up kit, as I loved to draw murals on the wallpaper with her lipstick. All through my childhood I continued drawing, (more...)

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